Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012 interview

Here's another interview we did recently. This one is for website called Idioteq. Check it out here:

Ok, this is getting weird. Our readers may think we have a special deal with Romania’s Department of Foreign Affairs [laughs]. How are you guys?


[laughs] Yeah, Romania’s #1 export is hardcore.
We’re good. We just came back from playing 2 shows with our French friends from I AM A CURSE and NOUS DANSERONS SUR VOS RUINS. One of them was in Deva, and I’ve never been there before and that’s always an experience.


Hey! Not bad.. We just had a couple of great shows with NOUS DANSERONS SUR VOS RUINS and I AM A CURSE from France.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Interview for

We did an interview for a romanian website called It is all in romanian and it is rather long so I won't translate it, at least not now.

Here it is:

STUCK IN A RUT este una dintre trupele romanesti underground care merita lauri considerabili pentru doza de ambitie si dedicare de care dau dovada atunci cand vine vorba de muzica si mesajul pe care il transmit. Clujenii fac haos la fiecare aparitie live si reusesc sa-si exprime nemultumirile prin texte care au o calitate mai rar intalnita in ziua de astazi: sinceritatea.

Salutare….Pentru inceput o sa va rog sa-mi faceti o prezentare succinta a trupei STUCK IN A RUT.
STUCK IN A RUT: “Suntem trei oameni care încearca să faca cat mai mult zgomot, să transmită un mesaj si sa se si distreze in procesul asta. Misu la chitara, Vlad la voce si Suciu la tobe”

Monday, March 12, 2012

Part 2 - DIY

Do It Yourself or Do It with Your Friends

                                I don’t believe in making compromises when it comes to this scene. I don’t think it’s ok to sing about something and then completely ignore it when you leave the show. I think hardcore bands with sponsors are complete bullshit and the same goes for promoters who are only in it for the profit or the fame. This is not a business, this is our haven, let’s not spoil it.
                                DIY has always been a major influence for what we are doing, as a collective and as a band. It’s not just about doing things your way, but more about building communities that stand together for something and are not just driven by profit. This is the essence of the whole punk and hardcore scene. Your rebellion doesn’t mean anything if you allow others to take advantage of it and transform it into nothing more than a fashion statement. If you really oppose mainstream society, why would you do things their way?
                                It’s not just about putting out a record or a zine. It’s definitely not about just throwing your money around. I know bands who claim their so independent and then send shitloads of money half a globe away  to make perfect patches or vinyls in every color known to man and all for the sake of so-called quality. That doesn’t mean shit. Do it yourself is turning more and more into pay it yourself and all because some people are so superficial. Don’t get me wrong, I respect what truly independent record labels are doing and they are an important part of the movement, but some people just get carried away. At some point a line must be drawn, because we are mirroring the exact same thing we are trying to oppose.
                                I can’t stand the way mainstream society functions. It’s shallow and degrading to people and it’s killing our earth. I’m sure lots of people feel this way, but just whining about it won’t change shit. This is why DIY is important and has so many implications outside the punk scene. It’s about creating a world the way you like it. It’s about empowering people to see that we are not so dependent on this system. They need us, but we don’t need them. A factory could function without its CEO’s but it could never function without its workers. Same goes for the music scene. Anyone could book a tour with patience and some enquiring , you don’t need booking agencies. 
                                  Hardcore is not a popularity contest. You are fucking stupid if you believe anything else. I see bands running like crazy for likes on facebook. The truth is, it is good when someone appreciates what you’re doing, but it’s even better when, looking back, you know you’ve made true friends while doing what you love. I can’t say I truly know how people who are doing this for money or fame actually feel, I’ve seen bands being miserable on tour because not enough people had come to their shows or because the sleeping conditions we’re just so unbearable. Seriously, people welcome you as a stranger into their homes and they don’t ask for anything in return, they organize shows for you and cook for you, just because you share a common interest, learn to fucking appreciate it. If you don’t like the way things are and believe everything should be more “professional“ , get the fuck out of hardcore.
                                For the rest, who still find joy in this and are excited about it, I have nothing but respect. For every kid who starts a band or a zine just because he is passionate about it and wants to make a change for the good, he or she will always have my support. Keep hardcore positive!

and in romanian:


                                Cand este vorba de scena hardcore nu cred in compromisuri. Nu mi se pare ok sa canti despre niste chestii si ,cand e gata concertul, sa la ignori complet. Pentru mine trupele de hardcore care au in spate sponsori sunt niste absurditati, la fel ca si promterii care vreau doar sa faca bani sau cauta glorie. Aceasta nu este o afacere, acesta este sanctuarul nostru, hai sa nu-l stricam.
                                Etica Do It Yourself a fost tot timpul o influenta majora in tot ceea ce am facut, atat ca colectiv cat si ca trupa. Nu se rezuma doar la a face lucrurile cum vrei tu, ci la a construi comunitati care au la baza aceleasi idealuri si care nu se rezuma doar la profit. Aceasta este esenta scenei hardcore punk. Degeaba te razvratesti daca lasi pe altii sa profite de pe rebeliunea ta si lasi totul sa devina o simpla moda. Daca chiar te opui societatii mainstream, de ce sa faci lucrurile cum vreau ei?
                                Nu este vorba doar despre un disc sau un fanzin. La fel cum nu este vorba despre a arunca cu bani in toate partile. Stiu trupe care spun ca sunt independente in timp ce trimit o gramada de bani in partea cealalta a lumii pentru a scoate patchuri sau viniluri de nu stiu cate culori, totul de dragul “calitatii”. Asta nu inseamna nimic. Pentru unii DIY se rezuma la a plati din propriul buzunar, si asta doar pentru ca sunt superficiali. Nu ma intelegeti gresit, respect foarte mult casele de discuri cu adevarat independente si ceea ce fac, dar unii oameni se lasa purtati de val. La un moment dat va trebui trasa o linie, pana nu e prea tarziu si vom fi complet inghititi de mainstream.
                                Nu support felul in care functioneaza societatea de consum. Este o viata superficiala si degradanta pentru oameni si ne distruge planeta. Sunt sigur ca multi gandesc la fel, dar daca doar stam si ne plangem nu o vom schimba. Din acest motiv etica DIY este atat de importanta si are multe intrebuintari si in afara scenei punk. Astfel poti crea o lume asa cum vrei tu. Bazandu-te pe propriile forte vei realiza ca nu esti chiar atat de dependent de sistem. Ei au nevoie de noi, nu noi de ei. O fabrica poate functiona fara directori si conducere, dar nu va functiona niciodata fara muncitori. La fel e si in scena muzicala. Oricine poate organiza un tur cu destula rabdare si insistenta, nu este nevoie de agentii de booking.
                                Hardcore-ul nu este un concurs de popularitate. Esti prost daca crezi altceva. Vad trupe care alearga ca nebunii dupa like-uri pe facebook. Adevarul e ca, da, e bine cand cineva iti apreciaza munca, dar e si mai bine cand facand ceea ce-ti place ajungi sa-ti faci prieteni si sa militezi pentru ceea ce e important pentru tine. Nu pot sa spun ca stiu exact cum gandesc oamenii care fac chestia asta pentru bani si faima, dar am cunoscut trupe care s-au simtit mizerabil in tur pentru ca nu au venit destui oameni la concertele lor sau pentru ca conditiile in care au dormit nu au fost destul de bune pentru ei. Oamenii ii primesc pe ei, niste straini, in casele lor fara a cere nimic in schimb, le organizeaza concerte, cu tot ceea ce implica asta, gatesc pentru ei si totusi unele trupe nu apreciaza asta. Daca chiar nu le place cum stau lucrurile in scena asta si vreau ca totul sa fie mai “profesional”, atunci sa plece, pentru ca evident locul lor nu e in hardcore.
                                Pentru restul, care inca se mai entuziasmeaza de asta, nu am decat respect. Pentru fiecare om care isi face o trupa sau un fanzin, doar din pasiune si pentru ca vrea sa schimbe ceva in bine, nu pot sa spun decat ca au tot suportul nostru. Pastrati hardcore-ul pozitiv!